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Personalized Altars

At Classroom of Compassion,

we offer Healing Memorial Altars—a powerful way for communities to come together and grieve in the midst of grief and tragedy. These custom-crafted altars, designed with care and respect, create meaningful spaces for reflection and healing.

By choosing a Healing Memorial Altar you not only provide a meaningful space for your family and community to grieve but also contribute directly to the ongoing efforts of our nonprofit. 

Art Workshops

We believe in the power of art to heal and commemorate. Our Arts Workshops are designed to provide communities with a creative and therapeutic outlet for collective expression.​ Engage in a transformative process that allows individuals to express emotions, share stories, and find solace through creative expression.

Strengthen the bonds within your family or community as participants come together to create something beautiful and meaningful.

Workshops offered:

Flower Crown Workshop

Mantra Painting Workshop

Altar Building Workshop

Floral Arranging Workshop


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