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The original "I Hope U Know How Loved U Are" t-shirt was designed by us as our uniforms on the Compassion Campaign trail. It has our personal message of Loving-Kindness that has radically transformed our lives and provided us with the gift of connection to people around the world, around the country, and in our own communities; this shirt has been a powerful tool of engagement, bringing us together with so many wonderful and unexpected individuals, simply by wearing it. We hope it can provide that same service for you and your community.


Our greatest wish is that this shirt connects you with others. Often, when suffering from any mental health condition, we isolate ourselves. We feel a burden to others and disconnect from the world. On those days, in those times, we hope you walk into your closet and pull out this shirt. We hope you gift this shirt to a friend or stranger who you know could use this reminder in their darkness. We hope you remember this message, everyday, and know we believe in you.


Loving-Kindness Shirt (Black)

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