Classroom of Compassion

Pride 2018

West Hollywood, CA

This is our loving-kindness flag that we designed to remind underserved communities of just how much they are loved. It was first debuted at PRIDE in Los Angeles in 2018 and has since traveled the world. Designed from baby blankets, we use these words to nurture and empower communities in need everywhere, and remind them in times of darkness: I hope U know how loved U are.


This was also our first gun violence memorial, created in honor of the 2 year anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub terror attack. That event changed the landscape of our souls, minds, and hearts. For months, we carried a heartbreak usually reserved for the loss of a close family member. As we approached LA Pride that year, we asked ourselves what Pride meant to us and we both agreed that to us Pride meant honoring life, it meant honoring those that came before us that fought for our rights, it meant honoring life for those that have been lost to senseless violence, it meant honoring life for those that don’t have a voice. It meant honoring those we’ve lost with action. We started our practice in sharing our mantra “I hope u know how loved u are” with as many communities as possible. For anyone in pain, or in need of healing, please just know how loved, supported and important you are.

The Altar of Pulse #2.JPG

The Altar Of Pulse

Remembering the Lives Lost at Pulse Nightclub