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Joseph Campos

As someone who brought instant joy to all his family members because of his kind and loving heart. He knew how to make his loved ones feel special, and every visit with him was memorable. He is known by all as always being well-dressed - never leaving home without his cologne and making sure he looked sharp. Even when he chaperoned my pre-school field trip to the zoo, he wore boots, a hat, button up shirt, vest, and two pens in his shirt pocket. He was also known for his beautiful singing voice. Us grandchildren always heard stories of him serenading our grandmother, and we were all privileged to hear him sing at weddings, birthdays, baptisms ... and well, any chance he got! But we loved to hear him sing and he would brighten up the room when he did. He always shared stories of the crazy and incredible life he lived, and always loved to crack jokes. He had a saying for everything and you never left a visit with him without laughing alongside him. There’s so much more that can be said about him, but they’re aren’t enough words to explain how special he was. It was a privilege to have known him, and even more so to be loved by him.

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