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Maria Uballe

My mom was from Jalisco Mx, and immigrated to the U.S. in the 60’s. She had 7 children whom she raised and instilled work values, respect, love, faith despite our environmental upbringing. She was a chef, doctor, adviser, taxi, fashion designer, entrepreneur, singer, botanist, and so many more titles which can be summed up to one word....MOM.

A mom who had the power to kiss whatever ailment you had and make it better. But a whisper to the ear and make your tear drops go away. Made the best Mole i’ve ever tasted and ability to whip up a 5 course meal from leftover food. Her chilaquiles, chile relleno, sopes, gorditas, hand made tortillas, tamales, caldo de rez, albondigas, and so much more was finger lickin good!! She won many hearts thru their stomach. I just wish we could have grieved without restrictions!

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