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Juan Carlos Hernandez

Juan Carlos Hernandez was a loving and caring son and one of my best friends. He was strong and resilient and full of love. He always stood up for me and tried to protect me from anything and everyone. He was quiet and funny and enjoyed spending time outdoors. He ran marathons and enjoyed working out. In my darkest days he taught me to fight for my life. He taught me that this world had a lot to offer and taught me to overcome my depression with exercise. He taught me patience and to believe in myself again. He was my biggest supporter and his loss has been my greatest tragedy. Today, I’m broken because he is gone but I keep fighting because of him. He will always live in my heart and I will forever speak his name. Juan went to work on 9/22/20 and never came home. Two months we searched for him day and night and unfortunately was found murdered on 11/15/2020. Three were arrested and now we are waiting for the trial to begin to bring justice to him. Juan did not deserved to die! I miss my son every day and everyday I pray that he rests in peace. 09/22/20 I lost my son and a part of me. I will never be the same again. Say his name: Juan Carlos Hernandez ♥️

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