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Dijon Kizee

Dijon “DK” Kizzee was a handsome, loving, caring, funny, friendly young man. DK loved his family and friends and always made sure he would tell us. DK liked tooo have fun and was the life of any party, he loved to dance and enjoy life. DK loved tooo work out, he took pride in his appearance and would get dressed up and take videos all day. DK was my man, he always would tell me how much he appreciate me and always made me feel loved even if weren’t getting along he still would tell me I’m his queen and he loved me. On august 31 2020 the LASD stopped DK for riding a bike, he ran away from them outta fear for his life and they got in their car and went to find him and when they found him they shot DK 16x and then handcuffed him while he laid there in pain and died. Most of DK’s encounter with the LASD was caught on video and posted all over social media for the whole world to see and for the people who knew and loved him tooo have tooo rewatch his murder over and over again in our heads. It’s been 35 weeks now and no justice has been served. Protest after protest and instead of an apology at least we are met with more police violence and disrespect. I just want the world to change while we remember and say his name DIJON KIZZEE.

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