South Central Los Angeles




The Marathon Continues…

This is a piece honoring Nipsey Hussle (@nipseyhussle) that we collaborated on with one of our dearest friends and wisest teachers Renee @blakkcupcake

Nipsey Hussle was a rapper, activist and business owner. This two time Grammy award-winning icon was an inspiration for the Black community, especially in his hometown of Crenshaw. In 2017, he co founded a clothing store and music experience called Marathon Clothing. Outside this community landmark, we built our altar to him. It was such a special collaboration for us working with Renee. Through the process, we connected so deeply to the Black community of Los Angeles and it’s beautifully heartfelt response to such deep, bitter pain.

In Renee’s words: “Earlier this week I asked @classroomofcompassion if they’d help me pour my grief into something and they said yes. Black death and Black mourning side by side with Black love and Black family and I feel healed. Nipsey, you are missed and you are celebrated.”