Models of Pride is the “world’s largest FREE conference for LGBTQ youth & allies 12-24, as well as parents & professionals.” Hosted at LA City College, this festival, partnered with the Human Rights Campaign, brings queer students from across California together to learn and work and celebrate. In 2019, we partnered with the LGBTQ center of Los Angeles to use their trans lounge to hold our Marsha P. Johnson werkshop. This lesson honored the life and legacy of trans icon Marsha P. Johnson and was our first immersive werkshop building floral crowns. It has since become our foundational practice. In this werkshop, students were able to design their own floral crowns utilizing fresh flowers and an array of decorations. After, they wore their crowns with pride and shared their creations with others. Over 200 students attended our werkshop, making it the most frequented werkshop of the conference out of the 120+.


Within our classroom, trans youth were also able to be fitted for their free binders. A binder is an important rite of passage for many trans youth, yet it can be really challenging to find a safe and inclusive environment. We were able to host that process in a welcoming space that was truly transformative. So many of the teens we got to spend time with were often the ones most targeted in their school environments because they are different. But within the classroom, everyone was able to navigate with ease.


Models of Pride