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Land of Remembrance

In Partnership with

Grover Cleveland Charter High School

Reseda, CA




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The Land of Remembrance was an interactive installation built in conjunction with Cleveland High School for Día de Muertos, the Day of the Dead. It was in honor of the communal losses experienced during this pandemic which has taken its toll on our physical and mental health, our dreams and traditions, and our very way of life. The weight of that collective grief has been suspended within us, hanging in constant disequilibrium. So we transformed it into communal art. Into memory. Into story. In honor of Día de Muertos and all the losses we’ve collectively experienced during this pandemic, each student was invited to grab a marigold flower and a tag, and write a short description of a loved one, missed memory, tradition, celebration, or milestone and place it on one of the Memory walls. Over 2800 students offered their words to the walls during the course of three days. Over 2800 handwritten messages of remembrance–keeping the spirit of the things we all love alive within ourselves and our community.

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