We were so honored to be included in @changetheref 's celebration of what would’ve been 🥑🌻Joaquin Oliver’s 🌻 🥑 20th birthday. On August 4th, 2020, we were part of a Facebook Live event with 20 hours of programming including artists, activists, politicians and celebrities all coming together advocating for gun safety and a safer country. In celebration, we created a floral meditation celebrating what makes Guac unique, special and completely unforgettable.

Like Guac, we werk to make others always feel welcome, heard, and honored. To spread compassion and seed action. To continue sharing stories. Stories connect us and unite us. Guac’s story continues to push us to change and inspire. To imagine a better future, by creating a better today.  

Fellow Participants: @elizabethwarren @gracieleeart @staceyabrams @dwyanewade @repayannapressley @joebiden @jorgeramosnews @brandonjwolf @cristela9 @chelseahandler @iamwill @jorgeramosnews @betoorourke @speakerpelosi @pearljam

The Meditation

Start with Venezuela and a loving family

Add 3 cups of immigration across the world

Mix with 2 tablespoons of music--preferably hip hop--and air guitar

Toss in ½ cup of love for basketball and soccer and the Miami Heat

Blend with ½ cup of brilliant poet and writer and graffiti artist

Grate in 17 ounces of friendliness, thoughtfulness, loyalty, and bravery

Knead with compassion and care

Add 4 teaspoons of dancing and singing

Along with 2 pounds romantic boyfriend, supportive brother, and beloved son

Season with always standing up for others

Marinate with stellar leadership

Saute with activism and Immigration Rights advocacy

Bake at Limitless Degrees

I hope u know how loved u are.I hope u know how much u mean to the world.

Through your life, through your love and through your legacy, one can always find the ingredients of compassion.