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Keck Hospital of USC,
Los Angeles, USA




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EMERGENCE is an immersive multi-part art installation that honors the massive transformation and challenges that caregivers have experienced for the past year and a half. Both a personal meditation and communal practice, this experience is constructed of four co-created spaces: a Sea Glass Memory Wall, a Community Check-In Hub, three Rock Islands, and a Rock Garden. With its natural stone facades, lush gardens, and meditative experiences, each element of EMERGENCE provides caregivers with a grounding space to honor what they’ve lost, a gathering place to connect with their fellow caregiver, and an imaginative sanctuary to visualize the future they hope to build. 

Sea Glass
Memory Wall

The Sea Glass Memory Wall is a growing tribute reflecting the communal grief and loss we have all experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic. Each piece of sea glass is unique to a community member’s experience and was chosen to commemorate something special to them -- whether it be a lost milestone/celebrations or an individual they wish could still be with them today.

Sea Glass Memorial Wall


Featuring:  Mark & Marilou Hamill, Gustavo Dudamel & María Valverde, Dr. Carol L. Folt (President of USC), Dr. Paul Nassif, & Betty Porto.

Community Check In 

In partnership with numerous schools and organizations across California, this space will serve as a hub of compassion broadcasting messages of care from the community of L.A to our caregivers. Using a meditative lesson plan, community members practiced creativity and imagination to create short videos, animations, stories, or even pictures, offering compassion and care to our medical community. Each submission was compiled into a commemorative video to be displayed on this screen. This piece will be updated weekly throughout the duration of the exhibit. 

Commuity Check In

Rock Islands & Rock Garden

Multiple rock islands are scattered throughout the forest of Emergence. Each island holds a tree with wide, thick branches, and hand-tied to every limb are wooden leaves bearing messages of care from the medical community to the medical community. Hand-painted rocks position through the islands will provide individual moments of reflection for participants.  Each leaf collectively tends to the roots of our community and helps it flourish. The trees will be updated weekly and blossom over the duration of the exhibit.

Rock Islands
Rock Garden
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