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As we navigate a time of seismic cultural shifts and profound communal loss, Classroom of Compassion’s mission is to cultivate and re-imagine a more compassionate Los Angeles through immersive healing spaces and artist-led community co-creation workshops. We work to provide our city members with the tools and resources to not only remember and honor all those we have lost, but to celebrate our loved ones' memories and stories with dignity and care. 

As the needs of our communities are increasing, we are adapting to serve and grow as best we can. But we rely entirely upon your generous donations  to ensure that our most vulnerable and isolated communities feel nurtured and empowered. 

Every donation U make goes towards making a TANGIBLE connection between communities through creativity and care. 

Every donation goes towards HONORING and REMEMBERING a grieving community and its members.

Every donation U make goes towards reminding a community how LOVED, STRONG, and BRAVE they are in this moment and beyond.



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