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As we navigate a time of seismic cultural shifts and profound communal loss, Classroom of Compassion’s mission is to cultivate and re-imagine a more compassionate country through immersive healing spaces and artist-led community co-creation workshops. We work to provide our city members with the tools and resources to not only remember and honor all those we have lost, but to celebrate our loved ones memories and stories with dignity and care.


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I Hope U Know
How Loved U Are

For the past 4 years, founders David Maldonado and Noah Reich have been amplifying these eight words to communities healing from trauma across America. From building memorials for the Trans community, to holding mantra-writing and compassion workshops with families of gun violence survivors, to hosting healing floral-arranging classes empowering LGBTQIA youth at the LA LGBT Center. These eight words are on their flags, t-shirts, signs, installations, and memorials. “I Hope U Know How Loved U Are” is at the root of everything they say and do. Every act of service. Every time they show up for communities with compassion and love, they are using these eight words to change the mental narrative. In a world that teaches us how to hate ourselves, they use these words and this message to change the cycles, in our news, in our communities, and in our hearts. 


“We hope this message shines a light in our dark places. We want to comfort others living with suicidal thoughts or behavior, and anyone, anywhere, in pain. Each time we say, I Hope U Know How Loved U Are, we are soothing that inner child in all of us. There is joy in the darkness. There is light in grief.”